Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - 'The Red Woman' :Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1

It's been just under a year since we were left with the image of the men of the Night's Watch stabbing their Lord Commander for his decisions regarding the Wildlings. Fans of the show have finally been getting on board with the theories book fans have been bandying around since they first read A Dance with Dragons. Let's be honest, one of the most exciting parts of the experience of A Song of Ice and Fire is guessing what's going to come next and Jon Snow's untimely death has given plenty of opportunities to predict the future. Considering neither the book nor the TV show have explicitly solved the "mystery" of his true parents it seems ridiculous that he can actually be dead. George RR Martin likes killing off his most popular characters but it would make no sense considering the amount of emphasis he's put onto Jon's character. Add to this, the constant rumours about Kit Harrington appearing in costume in the places filming takes pace and you have the world's least shocking non-death. Still, season 6 had a lot of questions to answer and threads to pick up.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Monday Mini Rant - Candles

There are many things in life that make me feel less of a woman. My inability to understand and use make-up, particularly eyeliner, constantly makes me feel inadequate. The fact that I'm neither capable nor willing to spend time doing fancy things with my hair is just something I've come to accept whenever I read articles about supposedly easy Game of Throne inspired hair tutorials. The world of fashion is a fucking minefield and I'm constantly in danger (or more likely guilty) of blowing myself up with my misguided attempts to dress myself. I can't walk in heels, I don't worship the ground Beyoncé walks on, I hate romantic-comedies and I think Amy Schumer is incredibly overrated. So, yeah, I'm not getting many girl points for my day to day life. However, the thing that really sets me apart from a large number of women is my weirdly strong feelings about candles.

Sunday, 24 April 2016


This week has been pretty heavy work wise. I made a significant decision about my future there and am freaking out a little bit. I'm sure it'll all work well but massive changes are always unnerving. We've also been hit with a huge case of flu and everyone has been off ill. Subsequently, everyone else has been super busy to make up for it. I've been feeling myself getting ill as the week went on so I've had no energy to read on an evening. I'm definitely going to get ill over my two days off though so it'll give me a good excuse to spend all day in bed reading. In other news, after shopping last week, my sister and I have decided on a bridesmaid's dress. Neither of the ones we bought last week but a pretty nice option. I'm just happy the awkward fashion parades are over. Walking up and down and having pictures taken of myself is just hell. God knows how I'm going to cope at this bloody wedding. I must remember to take a book.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

TBT - Much Ado About Nothing (2012)

So this week is all about Shakespeare and I'm still on a bit of a fan high. After reviewing Macbeth on Tuesday I wanted to follow it up with another great adaptation of one of his plays. My first instinct was to turn to one of the greatest adaptations of one of his greatest plays. I'm talking about The Lion King, of course. But we all know that right. Nobody's gonna care what this dickhead thinks about one of the greatest Disney films of all time. I'd also have spent the entire time talking about how much I love it rather than doing anything useful. To acknowledge the anniversary of his death last year, I made a list of my favourite Shakespeare adaptations for people who don't like Shakespeare. I remember really wanting to write a top 10 list of my favourite adaptations but couldn't decide on anything other than the top 2. The first being the BBCs epic The Hollow Crown. The second is one probably my favourite straight Shakespeare adaptations of all time. So, in honour of the 400th anniversary, that seems like a great place to start. As it is also the play that inspired the name of this blog it seems like fucking fate has handed us a great opportunity.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - Macbeth (2015)

April 23rd is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and the literary world is, quite rightly, embracing the bard completely. As he's already one of things we in the UK are most proud of, Shakespeare fever has reached critical levels and its difficult not to get swept along in the tide. The bookshop I have to pass on my way to work has a fantastic display showcasing the William's own works and every book they stock that relates to him. It's making me want to spend all my money and, as you may have read on Sunday, already has caused a few unplanned purchases. So I decided to take this further and spend the week running up to the big day celebrating all things Shakespeare. Starting by watching a film I've wanted to watch for ages. Well, there couldn't possibly be a better time.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday Mini Rant - Other people's blog

So we're here on another Monday with another name. I'm changing my mind about this day of the week more than the guy in that fucking Katy Perry song. Although, I think the need to shorten my Monday posts is a necessity. It's been another example of me sitting with the page open in my browser being ignored whilst I try and stop myself spending more money. After yesterday's post and with the impending doom of tomorrow's review, Monday just gets lost in the drama. So I'll attempt this short format for a while and consider the possibility of changing to a Friday instead. At least that would give me a more balanced week. I am a little heavy at the start of the week. Working weekends means that I tend to be a bit shit at the start of the week. I dream of a Dolly Parton lifestyle: working 9-5 Monday to Friday. I miss my weekends.

Sunday, 17 April 2016


This week has been a strange one. I'm back at work and I've instantly fallen back into the stressed, tired pattern that always plagues me. I really need to start stepping up my game to get out of there as soon as possible. There's only so long a person can go on pretending they want to work in catering when it's one of the last things they want to do. I've spent too many days of my life worrying about how may fucking avocados we need. In case you're wondering, it's fucking loads. As you can tell I'm pretty moody today. Yesterday I went bridesmaids dress shopping for my sister's wedding and it has left me with even more body image insecurities than before. Just when I thought it wasn't possible, I have to go shopping for a dress with my super sporty, super slim twin sister. But let's not dwell. There have been a few positives to the week.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

TBT - Barton Fink (1991)

When it came to Hail, Caesar! you couldn't really get away from Barton Fink. Both films involve the same fictitious film studio, Capitol studios and portray a man clouded in darkness because of his connection to the industry. That's pretty much where the connections end though. Barton Fink was the dark comedy that the Coen brothers wrote when they hit a snag writing Miller's Crossing. Experiencing a form of writer's block, the pair cleared their minds by writing a new film for actors John Turturro and John Goodman. Once the script was finished the brothers put it to one side so they could finish Miller's Crossing. As soon as production stopped on that movie they began working on Barton Fink. It was a massive hit with critics and won multiple awards at Cannes but failed to make back its budget at the box office. Despite its meagre earnings, Barton Fink is an amazing film and I couldn't waste the opportunity to watch it again for this post. Even it did mean I was enforcing dodgy connections with the Coens' current film.

Tuesday's Reviews - Hail, Caesar (2016)

One of the things I have managed to achieve with my week off is to manage to watch the latest release from the Coen brothers. I have generally mixed feelings about them as film makers but would put myself, largely, in the fangirl camp. I argued with my friend over our differing opinions of Inside Llewyn Davies because she's wrong about it being shit and won't see reason. Still, I haven't always found it quite so easy to love them. Either a rewatching is in order or I just didn't understand A Serious Man enough to come out of it feeling inspired. I mean I didn't hate it but I can't say I loved it as much as most people seem to. I mean there were very few reviews for Hail, Caeser! that didn't reference the earlier film. I get the connections between the two but it did have me worried that I could be wrong about my excitement to see it. Still, with such a great line-up of actors and their long time collaborator Roger Deakins on board, I figure it's got to be great, right?

Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday Miscellany - Make 'em laugh Make 'em laugh Make 'em laugh: as long as Ricky Gervais is okay with it

I think being on holiday really fucks with my blogging schedule because I have nothing to moan about. When I'm not weary and emotionally destroyed by work then I realise I have nothing to bitch about. This tells me nothing more than that my mission to get another job is something I should definitely be devoting my time to. Maybe being more fulfilled in my professional life I might actually stop being such a moany bitch here. Still, what would I talk about if that was the case? Look at me now. I've had this window open for fucking ages and I still haven't got further than this rambling introduction. I hate feeling uninspired when a deadline is upon me. It leads to rather ridiculous and stupid things. So we can pretty much just accept that this is going to be a load of shit.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

SUNDAY RUNDOWN - that's what she read

So my holiday has flown by and I've done fuck all. I've spent my time reading and doing very little of value. Don't get me wrong, I've loved it but I can't help but feel that I should have done something useful. Still, reading is always a good thing and I've caught up with a lot of TV I've missed. I also managed to see my friends and watch a film I've been trying to catch for ages. I guess it's not been wholly wasted but it depends what your definition of useful is. I have also been looking into jobs and trying to sort my future out. You know standard stuff. I've still got two precious days of holiday before I'm back in. I'd love to say I was using my remaining time well but I'll probably just read, write and sit in front of Netflix again. Anything to ignore the pain of having to go back to work on Wednesday. Argh, real life. It fucking sucks. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

TBT - Righteous Kill (2008)

There was no part of my that was at all interested in watching Righteous Kills but my friend at university had been in London whilst the premier took place. She came back with blurry snaps of Fiddy Cent and Al Pacino telling me how much she wanted to see it. For some reason I agreed. Just like Forsaken had more attention than it perhaps deserved because it brought together two great actors, Righteous Kill was talked about because two acting greats would finally share screen time together. Yes, 2008 was the year that finally saw Robert DeNiro acting alongside the rapper Fiddy Cent. Oh and some shit about him finally sharing some real screen time with Al Pacino since they briefly crossed paths in Heat. It was supposed to be the greatest film event of all time. I mean these two could read a bus timetable and make it seem like the best thing you've ever heard. So how could Pacino and DeNiro working together not equal success and quality?

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Top 10 Wen-sday - Top Ten Episodes of Modern Day Dr Who

As I mentioned in my latest Sunday Rundown, I've been rewatching episodes from Series 4 of Dr Who. I came to the realisation that, whilst Donna is my all time favourite companion, it is probably series 3 that is the season that I love the most. That's because it contains a large number of the best and most memorable episodes in the series. There are only a few dull moments and even those aren't dull in the same way that most of the Steven Moffat era Who series have been. I mean even the fairly awful "Smith and Jones" opener is nowhere near as bad as the fucking pirate episode. And no matter how awful the series finale may be in comparison to the previous ones it is way more memorable than the first finale of Matt Smith's Doctor. I mean who can even remember what happened in "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang"? Whatever you may think about Russell T's writing style in comparison to Moffat's (even I can't pretend that Moffat doesn't come out on top), the former clearly has more understanding of how a series should come together as a whole. Now amidst this soul-searching I couldn't help but start mentally compiling my top 10 list of Modern Day Who episodes. Just in time for April's post. Wasn't that convenient?

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - Forsaken (2015)

If there's something that you should know about me going in to this review it's that I absolutely adore Kiefer Sutherland. I think he's a wonderful actor and devilishly handsome. I've loved him since I first saw his 80s films and continued to lust after him throughout every series of 24 and beyond. It's potentially kinda creepy but there is something about his voice that just gets me every time. Even when he's threatening to shove a towel down someone's throat and pull it back out. So sexy. I know it's really fucking dull to tell other people about your dreams but I once had a great one concerning Kiefer and his father, Donald Sutherland. I was dream dating Kiefer Sutherland and went to meet his family. I accidentally spilled my drink on the floor and Donald Sutherland shouted at me. I think it's the most realistic dream I've ever had because if I did meet Donald Sutherland I'd definitely do something fucking stupid and he'd hate me instantly. Still, that depressing little fact isn't going to stop me enjoying my fave father-son duo starring in a Western together. That sounds like heaven to me.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Monday Miscellany - My turbulent relationship with Charles Dickens: A Tale of Too Shitty

I forgot to put it in my Sunday rundown yesterday but this week I went to see a stage production of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. The production itself was amazing and the staging, as always with West Yorkshire Playhouse productions, was phenomenal. The actors were placed on a round stage that rotated when it was necessary to move the action to a new location. It was all very dark, Gothic and rural in keeping with the creepy setting of the first section of the novel. The cast were also pretty great at their roles and Jane Asher's Miss Havisham was one of the better portrayals that I've seen in an adaptation. She didn't overplay the part but offered enough anger, bitterness and regret. Still, I couldn't help but leave wondering why people still felt the need to go back to Dickens' works.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

SUNDAY RUNDOWN - that's what she read

I'm ashamed of how little reading I've done this week. I've not been in the best spirits so have spent my time brooding rather than expanding my mind. It took me most of the week to decide what I wanted to read and then I've got about 20 pages in by this stage. Everyone has reading slumps so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. It'll pass eventually. On the other hand, my dark mood has meant I haven't bought many books. In fact, had I not found a book voucher that I was given nearly two years ago and thought was lost, I would have gone the week without buying a thing. However, the free money meant I was able to buy a book I'd been lusting after for a while but also felt was too expensive to justify. It was such an unexpectedly wonderful way to finish my week. Hopefully, things are on the up.