Thursday, 20 October 2016

TBT - The Diary of a Teenage Girl (2015)

When The Diary of a Teenage Girl came out last year I was desperate to see it. Of course, I didn't see it at the time and it has been calling to me every time I opened Netflix recently. The graphic novel has been in my Amazon basket for months as well. It's exactly the kind of thing I was bound to get obsessed with. You know the score by now: feminism and shit. Although, upon its release it caused something of a controversy as all the best things do. The critics loved it but the 18 rating was a fairly controversial topic in the UK. The film was given a high rating for its sexual content. However, as a film about a teenage girl coming to terms with her own sexuality, it meant nobody that this story was relevant to would have seen it at the cinema. Even the film's star Bel Powley came out to urge teenagers to sneak into the film to embrace its message. I mean, really, it's a fair point. Yes, there's a lot of dark and adult themes running through the film but, it's not more sexually suggestive than many of the films out there with a lower rated. I realise that we live in a world where we try and protect people from certain things but it always seemed fucked up that people were trying to keep this film from the people who it was made for. Still, that doesn't matter now it's been out for so long. Anyone can see it now and, without wanting to spoil anything, they all should.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - Haters Back Off (2016)

Over the last few months my dedication to YouTube has waned slightly and I don't regularly watch as many videos as I used to. However, over the years I've been through a series of obsessions with certain channels before getting bored of them. I guess because, when it comes to these things, I have the attention span similar to the life of a mayfly. One of the people I used to be an avid subscriber of was Miranda Sings. When I first watched the videos created by Colleen Ballinger I thought they were fucking hilarious but, over time, everything was just painfully similar. The character is absurd, sure, but there is only so many videos you can make around the concept before it becomes a bit too familiar. However, I am obsessed with her brother's vlog channel so I feel like I've been hearing about the Miranda Sings Netflix show for absolutely ages. So, when it finally came out on Friday, I decided I should watch it.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


So this week came with some good news and some bad news. Fortunately, it was the same news so I didn't need to get my head around multiple revelations. I got a second interview for the job I mentioned the other week. It's fantastic because it means I didn't fuck up as much as I thought I did but it's terrible because it gives me more opportunities to fuck up. However, I'm all about the self-belief at the moment. By which I mean I'm delusional. Nah, it's going to be fine. And I'll make sure to have a large supply of doughnuts waiting for me when I'm done. The one thing I've learnt in my 28 years on this planet is that there isn't any emotional problem that carbohydrates can't solve.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

TBT - Horns (2013)

Thanks to a 20 year old hispter I work with I've spent the last few months revisiting the music of my youth. We've had a bit of a 90s revival recently which consisted of the two of us singing the Spice Girls and B*Witched as loud as possible to the alarm of our coworkers. It's now moved on to the 80s focusing mainly on The Smiths and Spandau Ballet. I used to love The Smiths as a teenager but my tastes have grown up with me. Thankfully I'm less of a pretentious dick these days. However, it's fucking sad that such a large part of my musical soundtrack has just disappeared. I'm madly making throwback Spotify playlists as I type. I mention it because as I watched today's film pick I heard so many songs I haven't really listened to in years that the wave of nostalgia left me feeling warm and fuzzy. Something it's star, Daniel Radcliffe, normally fails to do. It was only after he got my seal of approval in Swiss Army Man that I decided it was time to give some more of his post-Potter films a chance. He was kinda funny in that so shit can he be in the rest, right? I've always liked the sound of Horns. I've never read the book by Joe Hill because, as anyone who's ever read my Sunday Rundowns will know, I'm pretty shit at getting books read. However, from what I knew of the plot I figured it would be an interesting concept. Would the film live up to my own hype though?

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - Swiss Army Man (2016)

We all know that I was a pretty big Harry Potter fan back in my day and I have a great deal of love for the film series that goes with it. However, I can't say I've ever been that convinced by Daniel Radcliffe as an actor. He always seemed kind of shitty especially when he came face-to-face with some of Britain's finest actors. Harry has always been one of the worst parts of the whole series because he's such a whiny fuck and Daniel hardly did anything to make him any better. So when the series ended I didn't exactly follow his post-Potter career with any real gusto. I mean the guy really doesn't come across well in interviews and seemed to pick any old piece of shit to appear in. I just couldn't be bothered. Until this year with the release of a film that sounded so fucking odd I couldn't say no. Of course, that didn't get me to the cinema in any real amount of time but I finally watched the film that could easily have been an episode of The Mighty Boosh or something.

Sunday, 9 October 2016


This has been a bit of a non-week if I'm honest. I'm still waiting to hear back about this interview and, according to an email update, I won't hear until at least Wednesday. I'm trying to forget about it but it's difficult when you want something so much. So I've thrown myself into a distracting cycle of Netflix binges. It's not clever or helpful but it does take my mind off everything. So I'm sorry that I'm still reading the book I expected to have finished by now but that's just what I've got to do. At the same time I've been spending my wages without a care. Clothes and books that I really don't need are littering my bedroom floor shaming me for my lack of self-control. Although, after seeing the pictures of this years Books Are My Bag tote I knew I had to have one. It's gorgeous. And if you're getting the bag then you at least need to buy a book as well. You know, National Book Shop Day and all.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

TBT - Stargate (1994)

It was a fucking glorious day last weekend when I discovered Stargate had made its way onto Netflix. The 90s science fiction film that proceeded the television series is something of a cult classic starring the fabulous Kurt Russell and James Spader. I couldn't wait to watch it. When it came out in the mid-90s, Stargate was pulled apart by critics. Some of the reviews are fucking brutal. None more so than the late Roger Ebert's one star review. In fact the film remained on his list of worst ever movies for the rest of his life. Even before you watch it that's quite a reputation. Any film that creates so much hatred from critics inevitably goes on to be a fan favourite. It made a shitload when it opened in cinemas and has become a confirmed cult classic. It's nowhere near being a great movie but it does make great viewing. So much so that its welcome arrival on Netflix prompted me to abandon plans to discuss JJ Abrams' Star Trek for this Throwback Thursday and, instead, allow me to spend some time convincing you all to give this one a shot.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Top 10 Wen-sday: Top 10 fictional characters I'd want in my zombie apocalypse squad

These Top 10 Wednesdays really sneak up on me so I'm always caught off guard. I don't know why I'm so shit at remembering considering it happens at the start of every new month. I try and spend the month thinking about the next one but still feel unprepared when the day finally arrives. This month I wanted to celebrate the upcoming ghoulish celebrations by making it Halloween themed but my proposed Top 10 Alternative Halloween films list just didn't happen. So I've decided to keep that for closer to the day and have instead decided to delve into a topic that is fairly controversial for me. I think I've made it clear that I'm fucking bored by zombies these days but, at a time like this. you can't really get away from the little buggers. So it begs the question, if the day ever comes when the undead decide to fight back who do I really want by my side? What I'm essentially doing is creating the cast list for my ultimate dream zombie apocalypse movie. And I know what you're thinking, why not just find 10 characters who have survived zombie apocalypses? Well, that would be both boring and not as much fun. So, I've avoided that wherever possible. It's going to be great. But probably not. You know who these things go.