Monday, 20 February 2017

Tuesday's Reviews - Carol (2016)

I'm currently away for a few days with my family and, during my week off, I had planned to watch today's film and have the review ready to go. As usual, my aims for the blog didn't quite work out so I only got round to viewing it on Sunday. Then I madly tried to scrabble the post together in between packing. So I have little hope that this will be my finest work. Nut considering I put off seeing this film for so long it was probably doomed from the start. I really wanted to watch Carol last year but I never got round to it. I suppose it was because I'd only heard amazing things about it. It always worries me when I desperately want to see something and it gets astounding reviews. It can only lead to disappointment. It seemed to have everything though: the brilliant Cate Blancett and Rooney Mara and a vintage feel. Still, as a lifelong cynic when it comes to romance, I may have been a little put off by the concept. An epic love story that builds from that classic rom-com cliche love at first sight. Now that I'm no longer 8 years old and wish I were a Disney Princess. I'm just not really into that concept. Although, considering the films is based on a Patricia Highsmith novel I was fairly confident that it wasn't going to be too similar to those awful Tom Hank/Meg Ryan rom-coms from the 80s. I just needed to wait until my excitement had died down before I finally watched it.

Sunday, 19 February 2017


I'm supposed to be going away with my family tomorrow and I've yet to finish packing. It's only for about 3 days so I don't need a lot but I still feel as though I should have finished more by this point. Still, I have time in the morning. We're going to Scotland so it's bound to be absolutely freezing. Plenty of layers needed I guess. I also need to finish my review for Tuesday which I'm going to try and upload on time. I hate writing on my phone so I want to get it done tonight and just post it. So far it doesn't look good. At least I have all my weeks Instagram posts ready to go. Plus, I might manage a bit of reading too. Maybe next week I'll actually have some exciting currently reading news for you.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

TBT - Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

It's been a few days since I watched La La Land and I'm still obsessed. I've been singing that bloody "City of Stars" song non-stop and listening to the soundtrack on my way to work. I've shocked a lot of the people I work with by enjoying the film. I guess because I'm such a seemingly heartless and cynical person. I mean I am a cynical person but I get swept away with a good love story as much as the next person. I say this as someone who, admittedly in a state of exhaustion after 3 days back at work, was crying at footage of Kiss Cams earlier tonight. Yep, I am, underneath it all, just as sentimental and lovey dovey as the rest of the world. And Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's romance in the film is made more adorable thanks to their fantastic chemistry. This is their 3rd film together so they've clearly become quite comfortable. So, in order to keep this feeling going, I decided to go back to where it all started way back in 2011.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tuesday's Reviews - La La Land (2016)

After La La Land started being nominated and, subsequently, winning a shitload of awards there were plenty of articles suggesting that actors Emma Watson and Miles Teller were livid that they had turned down the chance to be in the film. But it's just nonsense. The film has achieved such success because Emma Watson and Miles Teller didn't end up playing the roles. No offence to either of them, and ignoring any rumours of them both being too demanding, but it's surely the chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that made the film. What is a love story without the love, after all? I know I'm not the biggest fan of Emma Watson as an actor anyway but you can't pretend that La La Land wouldn't have been a completely different film without it's two stars. They can regret giving up on the role now that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are being recognised but who can honestly say that it would have received so many nominations with a different line-up? Nobody. It always strikes me as super bitchy when actor's talk about giving up on a role. Like they're just trying to take ownership of something that isn't theirs and, probably, shouldn't ever have been. If Emma Watson preferred to be auto-tuned in the remake of Beauty and the Beast instead of the being in this original piece of musical cinema then she has to accept that and let Emma Stone have her moment of glory. It's just selfish bringing attention to yourself to try and overshadow someone else's achievements.

Sunday, 12 February 2017


So I've only got one more day left of my holiday before I'm back at work for 6 straight days. I'm not sure I'm ready for it but I guess I have to start earning my keep again. In the last week I've not done as much as I wanted to but I've actually been quite good at getting ahead in terms of Instagram. It means I should be able to cope with the rest of this month without worrying about lighting and stuff. I won't have many opportunities after I go back to work to get pictures taken until after dark so I've been planning ahead. It means some of my ideas have been a bit ropy but some of them are turning out pretty well. Now I just need to get ahead with posts and reviews so I don't have to worry when I'm away later in the month. Turns out that after all these years, organisation is actually really useful. If only I'd thought of this sooner.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

TBT - Alien (1979)

On 25th January this year, legendary British actor John Hurt died. He was the kind of actor that never really fit into the role of leading man but would have been familiar to a whole host of people thanks to his supporting roles. As I've talked about multiple times since his death, John Hurt was the kind of actor that could turn his hand to anything and had a great deal of skill to bring all sorts of people to life on screen. My review on Tuesday looked at one of Hurt's final films before he died where he made a great impression in the small role of a Catholic priest who Jackie Kennedy talked to after her husband's death. His role has been made all the more poignant following his death as the character discusses death and the prospect of what follows. The film is definitely emotional but it was watching Hurt's performance that really got to me. So I wanted to use my TBT post to revisit of his classic films. There are plenty of great ones to pick from and, normally, I should have watched something like The Elephant Man. There are so many great performances to decide between that it becomes impossible to pick just one. Instead, because I'll take any chance to watch it, I picked Alien. John Hurt may not be in it for very long but his role in the film was certainly one of the most memorable moments in movie history. John Hurt is iconic in this role.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Belated Top 10 Wen-sday: Top 10 Literary Couples

Valentines Day is coming up and love is in the air. People are obsessed. I've been seeing chocolate hearts, soppy cards, and stuffed animals for bloody ages now. I'm getting sick of it but decided I couldn't really avoid it. Recently I've been doing a lot of Instagram challenges, which has been fine but there are times when I really have to think about certain prompts. The most recent one I struggled with was "Favourite Literary Couple". When it comes to traditional views on literary love I tend to buck the trends. I hate Romeo and Juliet. Heathcliffe and Cathy are a disaster. Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester is a creepy relationship. Gatsby and Daisy are in no way relationship goals. And the less said about The Fault in our Fucking Stars the better. So I struggled to find a literary couple that I actually was rooting for. It was pretty difficult, So what was the next logical step? To force myself to come up with 9 more. Obviously.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Tuesday's Review: Jackie (2016)

I have to be honest, if it hadn't been for John Hurt's death last month I probably wasn't ever going to see this film. It wasn't that I thought it would be bad but it discussed a prominent American figure that, really, I didn't know a great deal about. I mean I know enough about Jackie Kennedy but, when it comes down to it, my knowledge of American history is pretty limited. It's probably something I should rectify but my historical education really just focused on the United Kingdom. Although, I guess everyone knows about JFK, Jackie, and the assassination. However, the name Jackie Kennedy only really brought images of pink Chanel suits and pillbox hats to my mind so I didn't really see much need in seeing Natalie Portman playing her on screen. Then, we heard the tragic news about John Hurt's death in January. Jackie was one of his final films before his death so I decided it was a good reason to see the film. John Hurt was one of the finest actor's around and could turn his hand to any part. Yes, he wasn't a traditional leading man but he has been a significant part of some great films. I can think of worse reasons to want to watch something.